About the Playwright – Dirty Blonde

Learn more about the playwright behind Triad Stage’s upcoming production of Dirty Blonde directed by Bryan Conger, an Artistic Associate at Triad Stage.

Claudia Shear – playwright/ actress
Photo Credit: Broadway.com

Born in Brooklyn in 1962, Claudia Shear (an American actress and playwright) gained notoriety with her 1994 autobiographical play entitled Blown Sideways Through Life.   In 2000, she followed-up with the critically acclaimed Dirty Blonde.

A member of the Sundance Screenwriters Lap and the Dramatists Guild, she continues to work with and support the New York Theatre Workshop.

Did you know?

Claudia Shear starred in Broadway performances of Dirty Blonde (April 2000 – March 2001) and Smell of the Kill (March 2002 – April 2002)?
She also starred in her 2010 play entitled Restoration at the New York Theatre Workshop.

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