Want to help furnish an apartment?

Show of hands – how many of you knew that we house all of our out-of-town actors in apartments? We do and those apartments have to be furnished! We’re now starting our third season in Winston-Salem and we’re able to house our Winston-Salem casts actually IN Winston-Salem. So exciting!

However, we need some help. Below is a list of all the items that we currently need for the apartments. We ask that everything be in good working order.

Jessie, our Company Manager will be coordinating all donations. If you have any of the below items that you would be willing to donate (in-kind contributions are tax-deductible!), please contact Jessie ASAP at jessie@triadstage.org

We can coordinate large furniture pick up – so don’t hesitate to ask us!


Items Needed for Actor Housing

Bed (4)
Mattress (4)
Nightstand (4)
Reading Lamp (4)
Armchair (4)
Sofa (4)
Table (3)
Chairs (8)
Lamp (3)
Dresser (4)
Mirror (4)
Sheets (8 sets)
Towels, hand towels, & washcloths (16)
Pillows (8)
Blankets (8)
Waste Basket (4)
Radio alarm clock  (4)
Television with cable (4)
Broom & dustpan (3)
Mop & bucket (3)
Art for walls & other decor

Pots & pans with lids
Cooking utensils
Silverware for four
At least 4 plates, cups, bowls, and glasses — 4 sets, 16 of each
Can opener (4)
Colander (4)
Microwave safe containers (enough for 4 people)





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