Boy, did this play ever hit home with me!

We received the following last night from a patron who attended COMMON ENEMY last evening and this was too good not to share!

Please forward my gratitude to Preston for his wonderful “Common Enemy.” As we left the theatre tonight I did tell him I was greatly relieved that this play had nothing to do with basketball. (I hate basketball.) It has everything to do with life and I can certainly say I was much enlightened about THAT subject. I like black and white and usually think I can tell the difference, but this play shows us just how little real black and white there is in life. Truth can be mighty colorful!

I am a native of Randolph County and nearly stood to cheer following the “King Lear for rednecks” discussion. As we face that common enemy of job loss (textiles and furniture, as also mentioned in the play), my county battles the definition of TRUTH in our megasite adventure.

Boy, did this play ever hit home with me! I am so glad I was able to see it.

Thank-you for helping in our search for the Truth!

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COMMON ENEMY runs June 7 – 28, 2015 at Triad Stage in Downtown Greensboro

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