Cypress Hills Mausoleum – Dirty Blonde

A place of reverence many travel from near and far to visit, Cypress Hills Cemetery was founded on November 21, 1848 and officially opened in 1851.

In the play Dirty Blonde, Jo visits the Cypress Hills Mausoleum in Brooklyn, New York to view Mae West’s grave site.  Click to view a video in which you can view her engraved tomb.

In addition to Mae West, other notable figures were laid to rest in the Cypress Hills Mausoleum.   Equal rights figures noted for their work and contributions to the progress of African-Americans such as Elizabeth Jennings Graham (1830-1901), Thomas Downing (1791-1866), Arturo Schomburg (1874-1938), James McCune Smith (1813-1865), and Jackie Robinson (1919-1972) are also buried at the Cypress Hills Mausoleum.

Medal of Honor veterans, Police officers, and fellow artists are buried in the Cypress Hill Mausoleum.

Click to learn more about the other notable figures laid to rest at the Cypress Hill Mausoleum.




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