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Summer at The Shop

For every Triad Stage production, there’s a story behind the spectacle. Whether it’s the set design, props, or costumes, no detail is left unaccounted for. At the Triad Stage production facility in Greensboro, there is a constant frenzy of creativity, planning, and construction that takes place to make sure that every show brings magic to the stage.



This off-site location is home to our set design and construction team, prop storage and rental facility, as well as our costume shop. The facility houses offices for staff, as well as storage, sewing spaces, and work rooms for large construction projects.







During the summer, life at the production facility slows down just a bit as staff take a moment to reflect and regroup after a busy season. Often, this time is used to effectively organize the space before the whirlwind of show production begins again. In storage rooms, items are strategically grouped for simple management. Every item has its place; from chairs, to chests, to checkered prints.







IMG_2320 IMG_2315






But none of these things are just laying around getting dusty. The production facility also operates as a rental company, and anything your theater heart desires can be borrowed. Triad Stage additionally supports local universities such as UNCG with collaborative rental partnerships with academic theater departments. This system ensures that many of the props and set designs from old Triad Stage productions continue to have a life after the show.

As we head towards the start of the 17th season, things are falling into place for the set of our first production of the season, South Pacific. On a visit to the facility, I got a sneak peek at some of the first projects that our set design team is working on to bring the World War II era to life. Speakers are being repurposed to imitate old radios, collections of army personnel items are stacking up, and miniature models exemplify the future directions for Bloody Mary’s mobile street shop.

IMG_2308 IMG_2307












The costume department is also well on its way towards getting ready for the show. Upstairs, racks of uniforms are being prepped for fittings this month. To develop the design of each character costume, the team has relied heavily on historical readings and personal photos from a Colorado based woman who served as a nurse in the South Pacific during World War II. The details of every garment are designed to be as historically accurate as possible.  Each costume has been slowly acquired piece by piece over the course of the summer, and continues to be finalized as the last shipments of vintage tops and sturdy boots arrive to the door. On a dress form, the final look for South Pacific’s female lead character Nelly is almost ready to go.

IMG_2317 IMG_2319

Be sure not to miss all of the hard work paying off this fall. Catch South Pacific at The Pyrle theater in Greensboro September 17 – October 15! Visit the Triad Stage website or call our Box Office at 336-272-0160 to reserve your tickets today.

Triad Stage

Triad Stage is a North Carolina theater company that produces and performs live, professional theater in the Piedmont Triad region. With local and national talent, a focus on artistic excellence, and a distinctly Southern voice, Triad Stage offers a wide sampling of quality theater, including original works and re-imagined classics. You can see Triad Stage’s work at two world-class performance venues in the state: The Pyrle Theater in Greensboro and Hanesbrands Theatre in Winston-Salem.

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