Glen Berger Quote

About the Playwright: Glen Berger

by Bryan Conger, Triad Stage Artistic Associate & Dramaturg for Underneath the Lintel

Glen Berger is an American playwright and Virginia native. Born into a Jewish family, he turned away from Judaism after bar mitzvah age. It was through klezmer music that he eventually rediscovered his faith as an adult. He says, “It was the thing I had been distancing myself from. I realized if I have issues with Judaism from a purely religious standpoint, maybe esthetically on a deep level I can come in the back door again.” It was also in that music that he found the beginnings of Underneath the Lintel.

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From the Director: I Don’t Like Small Plays

Dear Audience,

I don’t like small plays. The economics of making theater in America force playwrights to create smaller and smaller stories to appeal to companies consistently strapped for cash. And the end result is often a kind of sit-com theater that would be more at home on the television screen.

The classics of the theater sprawled across the stage, creating worlds of imagination with huge casts and enormous theatricality. Of course few theaters can afford the kind of cast sizes of Shakespeare or the golden age of Broadway.

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