From the Director: Crossing the Threshold

Dear Audience,

This past July, I found myself standing outside 1519 Stark Avenue in Columbus, Georgia. It was a Thursday afternoon and everything was going haywire in Greensboro and New York — an actor had dropped out of our first show four days from 1st rehearsal, and I had spent my Georgia morning on the phone problem solving and planning. But this 1920’s bungalow was the reason for my journey to Columbus, and for the next hour, I wanted nothing to disturb me. So I silenced the phone, walked up to the door and knocked.

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A True Southern Writer: Carson McCullers

by Bryan Conger, Triad Stage Artistic Associate & Dramaturg for The Member of the Wedding

Home is where the heart is. It’s a phrase that — though heard often — rings particularly true for Southern writers. Home is the place they return to time and time again in their stories to illuminate truths of the lonely outcast and exorcise demons of the past. A classic Southern writer, Carson McCullers both loved her homeland and battled with it throughout her body of work. Continue reading →