THROUGH 6/28: Shattering Common Enemy Is Hot Triad Tickets

Huge thanks to Classical Voice of North Carolina for an awesome review of COMMON ENEMY. Click here to read the review.

With its themes of truth, exposing corruption, and the motivation behind it, Common Enemy is not just an allusion to the title of Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People. The politics of the play operate like a strategically maneuvered chess game, performed in the vain of a criminal thriller. But the play’s thrills are perhaps most scary for their immediate relevance: college athletics means big money and big politics. Common Enemy is sure to prompt debates and questions from its audiences. It is not very often that a piece of theatre comes along, let alone an original play by the director himself, that says so much about the things we read in the headlines every day. And in addressing such a sacred subject, Common Enemy does justice to the fact that in North Carolina there is much more to basketball than sport.

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