2014-2015 Season,  Common Enemy

Two previews in and audiences can’t stop talking about COMMON ENEMY!

“Common Enemy embodies the truth of North Carolina basketball fanaticism in a way that is compassionate without flinching from the seriousness and scope of the matter.”

“It made my heart beat faster.”

“I loved this piece! As a former small college professor, I can say from experience that these situations are real. Your portrayal captures the reality in a very convincing way.”

“Well developed story, fabulous dialogue, believable acting, unique story, relevant, timely”

“Loved the tech effects! Loved the dialogue and repartee! Hits home for every North Carolinian and teacher!”

“I loved the ‘twist’ on modern events! I also love the questions and ethics posed to remind us that things are not always simple.”

“Great window into the current events and societal conflicts we face in our state today. I learned some new perspectives. Brilliant! Stunning!”

“Excellent script. Well-chosen cast and the set is gorgeous – including cameras and screens – without being overwhelming.”

“The intensity of the play was maintained throughout. Also I enjoyed the intellectual conversation about truth. I wish I could have gotten some friends to join me. Great job!”

Triad Stage

Triad Stage is a North Carolina theater company that produces and performs live, professional theater in the Piedmont Triad region. With local and national talent, a focus on artistic excellence, and a distinctly Southern voice, Triad Stage offers a wide sampling of quality theater, including original works and re-imagined classics. You can see Triad Stage’s work at two world-class performance venues in the state: The Pyrle Theater in Greensboro and Hanesbrands Theatre in Winston-Salem.


  • Jack Red

    LOVED Common Enemy. Truly one of the best plays I’ve seen at Triad since I joined some years ago. Very, very well done.
    I really like provocative plays that are present day and controversial.
    The actors were very, very good and seemed to have a real good chemistry between them.
    Kudos for a magnificent job. Delighted to be a patron.

  • Joan Sullivan

    The above comments couldn’t have been any better — all encompassing of the play — indeed thought provoking .
    Only comment I have that would be on the negative side would be the constant use of the cameras when there was no press involved. There were a couple of thoughts about why they were used but they were somewhat distracting particularly when they were poorly functioning.

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